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Our Data Backup and Transfer service securely moves your important files from devices like computers (Mac or PC), tablets, and smartphones to destinations such as cloud storage, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, or USB flash drives. Whether remotely or onsite, our technicians ensure a smooth and secure data transfer process.

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The time required depends on the amount of data you have. Typically, the more data you have, the longer the service will take. If you have a significant amount of data, your technician may start the process and then guide you through the remaining steps. Rest assured, we’ll ensure your data is securely transferred or backed up, no matter the size.

Our Data Backup or Transfer service offers a comprehensive solution for safeguarding and transferring your important files. File destination can be CD, DVD, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive or cloud.

No, we do not supply external hard drives for our Data Backup or Transfer service. You will need to provide your own external hard drive for storing the backed-up data. We’re here to assist you with the backup process and ensure your data is securely transferred, but you’ll need to have your own storage device ready for the service.

Unfortunately, our Data Backup or Transfer service does not include data recovery. However, we offer a range of data recovery services with great philosophy, of no data no charge.

Yes, we do! If you’re seeking secure, remotely accessible cloud storage solutions, we have a variety of options available at different price points. Whether you need storage for personal use or business purposes, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

This service is designed for one source computer and max one computer destination. However, for any additional computer installation or uninstallation service you’ll receive a 30% discount off the original price.