Extended Data Retention

At 424HUB, we understand the importance of data retention and archiving for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive solution ensures that you can securely retain and access your critical data for compliance, legal, and operational needs.

424 HUB Data Retention Services



Rest assured knowing that your backups are fully encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption, both in transit and at rest. Our robust security measures safeguard your data against unauthorized access.



Stay compliant with strict policies and regulations,  including HIPAA and other industry standards, with our data retention solution. We help you adhere to regulatory requirements affordably and effectively.

Regional Data Storage

Regional Data Storage Keep your backup data in region and ready for recovery with 424HUB's worldwide data centers. Our infrastructure ensures that your data remains accessible and compliant with regional data protection laws.

Chain-free recovery 

Experience seamless recovery with our journal-based architecture. Whether you're recovering a file or device from last year's backup or today's, our solution ensures quick and efficient recovery without dependency chains.