Smart Disaster Recovery

For organizations with critical recovery needs, our proactive service includes setting up a continuously updated standby image, dramatically reducing your recovery time. 424 HUB enables full device recovery to a virtual machine or new hardware, providing flexible recovery options. We support stringent recovery point objectives with automated backups as often as every 15 minutes, minimizing data loss and ensuring swift restoration of the most current data.

Faster Recovery

Standby Image and bare-metal recovery put you a step ahead.

Recover just what you need

Granular, appliance-free recovery for files, folders, or Microsoft 365 data.

Automate recovery testing

Be confident your backups are recovery ready, saving staff time on testing.

Recovery with a standby image

For businesses requiring the quickest recovery in the face of data disruptions, our advanced backup solutions are designed to meet the most demanding recovery-time objectives (RTOs). Ensure minimal downtime with our proactive standby image setup, which automatically receives every backup, dramatically reducing recovery time when you need it most.

Flexible recovery options: Bare-Metal and Virtual Solutions

 When disaster strikes, 424HUB helps you recover a full device to a virtual machine or to new hardware (locally or in Microsoft Azure)—the choice is yours.

Automatic recovery testing

Ensure your backups are recovery-ready with automated testing. For a low monthly fee, 424HUB automatically tests your backups and provides reports to validate recoverability, saving your valuable time and risk.

Stay resilient against ransomware

Protect your backups from ransomware threats by storing them off-site in our private cloud. By taking every backup off-site first, you keep your recovery options open and safeguard your data against cyber threats.

Break free from backup chains

Our journal-based architecture ensures fast recovery, whether you're recovering from last year's archive or today's backup. Say goodbye to backup dependency chains that hinder your recovery process.

Local-first recovery

Optimize your recovery process with our optional LocalVault feature. All recoveries are done first from local storage, minimizing dependency on cloud resources and ensuring efficient recovery.

More restore point

Maximize your storage efficiency with 424 Hub technology. Keep up to five times more restore points on your existing storage, reducing storage costs without compromising on backup integrity.