Smart outdoor mounted floodlights or spotlights

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We’ll install your wireless cameras for you, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself. Our service includes mounting the cameras, setting up a digital video recorder, connecting everything to your Wi-Fi network, and integrating it with your mobile device.

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What does the installation cover? We install and mount one battery or solar-powered smart light for you.

How do you connect the smart lights? Our team connects the smart lights to your WiFi network, enabling remote control and automation.

Do you set up the smart lights in the app? If applicable, we'll set up the smart lights in the accompanying mobile app and configure settings for optimal performance.

Can the smart lights be paired with other devices? Absolutely! We'll pair your smart lights with compatible smart speakers and other devices for seamless integration.

Will Of course! We'll walk you through how to use the device and the mobile app (if applicable), ensuring you're comfortable with your new setup.

Are there any limitations to the installation service? Currently, we do not offer installation for hardwired smart lighting, such as Floodlight Wired.