Secure & Certified Data Wiping for Server, Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices.

Secure & Certified Data Wiping for Server, Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices.

 424 HUB, our certified data erasure service, guarantees permanent wiping of sensitive data from HDDs, SSDs, PCs, laptops, Mac® devices, and servers. Our platform generates tamper-proof erasure certificates, helping organizations mitigate risks and comply with laws and standards like CPRA, EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO-27001. 424 HUB safeguards privacy and prevents data leakage when disposing, donating, returning, or reselling old storage media or devices. 424 HUB products can be categorized broadly into:

  • Drive Erasure & Diagnostics
  • Mobile Erasure & Diagnostics 
  • Bulk Drive Erasure Over Network File
  • Folder & Volume Erasure


PC, Laptop & Desktop
Hard Drive & SSD
Flash Drive & USB
Tablet & iPad
NVMe & M2
File & Folder
 Secure Erasure

Securely erase sensitive data from HDD and SSD on desktops, laptops, Mac (including M1, M2 & T2 machines), PCs, servers, and mobile devices with 424 HUB. Ensure that information is permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

Certified Erasure

Generates 100% tamper-proof certificate that ensures compliance with CCPA, EU-GDPR, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO 27001 & other international data protection regulations.

 International Standard Compliance

International Standard Compliance Supports extensive list of 24+ International erasure standards like NIST 800-88 Clear, NIST 800-88 Purge, DoD 3 or 7 Passes, HMG, etc.

 Robust Diagnostics & Testing

Robust Diagnostics & Testing Maximize the resale value of your devices with precise health assessments conducted by 424 HUB.

 Remote Wiping Solution

We can easily erase Windows endpoint devices remotely through MSI package deployment or SCCM integration, ensuring data erasure at distant locations.

 Report for Audit Trails

We generates erasure report for audit trails, available in PDF, CSV and XML.

Server, Secure & Certified Data Erasure

  • Support drives of all types (512, 520, and 543 block sizes)
  • Capable of wiping up to 64,000 drives using the admin console
  • Smart device diagnostic test and health for possible resell value
  • Traceable report and certificate for audit trail
  • Online or offline erasure at scale.

Desktop & Laptop, Secure and Certified Data Erasure.

  •  From home based business to enterprise
  • Concurrent wiping of up to 100 drives
  • Online or offline secure data erasure at scale.
  • Traceable report & certificate for audit trail.
  • Pay per drive.

File, Secure and Certified Data Erasure

  •  From home based business to enterprise
  • Secure data erasure from mapped drive & unused space
  • Logical drive erasure without affecting applications and os files
  • Complete wiping of files, partitions, browser history and cookies...
  • PCI DSS compliance, requiring erasure of file level data
  • Cloud-based traceable report & certificate for audit trail.
  • Pay per drive.

Compliant With International Laws & Regulations

 In today's globalized world, businesses handle vast amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) across various devices and locations. To safeguard this sensitive data and adhere to international laws and regulations, organizations require robust data erasure solutions. Our data erasure provides versatile data erasure capabilities, ensuring compliance with prevalent international regulations and safeguarding your confidential information from unauthorized access.